What is Sci Collaboration?

Sci Collaboration is a free platform for scientists who are conducting research on the very edge of the invisible college. Currently, Sci Collaboration is the only free platform that simply provides a platform for scientists to post their needs for collaboration, a front end messaging service, and a forum for graduate students to have a voice in a safe and academic space.

Who should use Sci Collaboration?

Sci Collaboration is designed for researchers that need to complete a task that is outside of his or her areas of expertise.

Why is Sci Collaboration useful?

Currently, the primary route to collaboration for scientists that operate outside of the invisible college is through scientific conferences or reconnecting with colleagues from long ago. Compounding the issue is that the current scientific collaboration network strongly connects primary scientists, but only weakly connects others who are not as established.

In our opinion, other collaboration platforms attempt to offer a researcher too many unnecessary add-ons such as expensive publishing tools and data software. All of these add-ons come at a steep price. At Sci Collaboration, we realize that researchers already have access to those tools. What researchers lack is an efficient and free platform for connecting with other scientists across disciplines with the primary goal of collaboration.

What do we believe at Sci Collaboration?

At Sci Collaboration, we believe that there should be a simpler and free route to collaboration so that it can occur easier and quicker. Sci Collaboration provides a platform for scientists, researchers, scholars, and academics to quickly make connections with other scientists that can help progress science.

We thank you for utilizing our service and hope that your research continues through successful experimentation and collaboration!

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